Saturday, 22 November 2008

The house is OPEN!!

Hi there once again! Our seminary just had an open house last week, on the 16th Nov 2008. It was well attended by more than 400 people from the parishes all over Singapore. Here are some highlights from the event.


The participants are given an introduction to the activities of the seminarians in the seminary and followed by an 8-min slideshow on the life in the seminary.

They are then brought for a tour around the premises. Here is a group from Christ the King Parish spending some time with out latest exhibit, posters on the life on St John Vianney.

They are also brought to appreciate the lush greenery in the grounds and here is Bro Andrew explaining how this crucifix sculptured by Bro Joseph McNally, an Irish La Salle brother, came to be in the seminary.

Next, they are brought around to the various residential blocks where the seminarians and retreatants reside, as well as the various recreational facilities on the grounds. They are also brought to see the many fruit trees grown in the premises.

Here are some of the participants having a look at the minature banners specially done for the 25th Anniversary of the seminary.

Finally, the last stop is the heart of the seminary, the chapel. Here, they are explained the concept behind the design and built of the sanctuary, also thought up by Bro Joseph McNally. Relics of some of the martyrs of College General, Penang, are on display and they are also introduced to them. To end it all, the participants spent a short time in prayer for an increase in vocation, as well as asking the martyrs saints to interceed for our requests.

For all of you who missed the event, look out for it in 2009. Usually the seminary organises it twice a year.

Hope to see you at the next one !!

And for now, it is back to our books!! Exams in the coming week!!!

Friday, 14 November 2008

Water Polo

Yesterday for our seminary community games, we decided to be a bit more adventurous and tried our hand at a bit of water polo. Of course we are not that atheletic to be treading water, so we limited ourselves to the shallow end of the pool, where our feet could touch the floor. Actually in the end, the it was more like captain's ball with goalposts in the water.

From the photos you can see that we had a blast of a us a wondeful time of letting off our stress as we enter into our exams in two weeks time.