Sunday, 26 April 2009

Visit of His Excellency Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio to Kampong Punggol.

Hi readers,

Easter greetings to you. Finally my brudders twisted my arm in penning down my thoughts after “taking cover” for such a long time. I had to agree under duress ‘cos this kampong ain’t big enough for me to hide anymore. Lately, the forest that surrounds our turf are been removed, making way for urban development and hence the insects and other forest creatures are migrating to our homeland. Hey, do let me know your thoughts after reading my post ok?

A week before the “nuncio” visit, we were informed by our Rector that His Excellency Salvatore Pennacchio will be visiting the seminary the day after celebrating the anniversary of the Pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI on the 19th April at the Cathedral. Needless to say, our brothers were excited and thus put our voices together in welcoming “the nuncio” on early Monday morning. He seems very well pleased with our Latino number “Vivat” ( Which means “Long live to him!” ).

After celebrating the Eucharist with us, the “nuncio” had the pleasure in sinking his teeth into our standard Kampong breakfast spread ie Loti-kaya toast with choice of eggs and our home made Kopi-tarek with option of orange juice on the side to flush down the kaya which may have difficulty sliding down. If you are around our premises, you may want to swing by and Kopi is on us. ( Please call prior to visit ). I found the “nuncio” a very friendly warm person whom you can be yourself… really! He left after breakfast and class resumed.

O yeah, just in case those who are wondering the meaning of nuncio. Well, he a diplomatic representative of the Pope having ambassadorial status. Nuncio is an ecclesiastical diplomatic title, derived from the ancient Latin word, Nuntius, meaning "envoy”. His mission is general, embracing all the interests of the Holy See; his office is permanent, requiring the appointment of a successor when one incumbent is recalled, and his mission includes both diplomatic and ecclesiastical powers. Nuncios, in the strict sense of the word, first appeared in the sixteenth century. The office, however, was not created at any definite moment or by any one papal ordinance, but gradually developed under the influence of various historical factors into the form in which we find it in the sixteenth century. I think I may have gone a little overboard on the “defi” of nuncio…

Till my next post, may the peace and love of Christ remain with you always.

Shalom my friends,


Saturday, 25 April 2009

Meeting my first Malaysian Fellow-Seminarian

Above: Br Greg and Johnston;
Below : Br Greg with a Patrician Alumni Shaun Koh and present student Russell.

In the late morning of 7 January 2009, I packed my luggage and checked into the St Francis Xavier's Major Seminary here in Punggol, Singapore. The place was quiet as most seminarians were not back from their End-of-the-Year vacation. As I entered the Seminarians' Residence, the first seminarian I met was Br Gregory Chan. As soon as I introduced myself to him, I was touched by his brotherliness. First, he offered to help me carry my luggage even though he was new here having arrived the night before. Next, he made the connection with me by informing me that he is an alumni of two Lasallian Schools in Malaysia and was among the first batch of students Br. Michael Kum [a La Salle Brother now teaching in St Francis Institution, Malacca] taught in La Salle Petaling Jaya in Malaysia.
Since then I waited for the opportunity to bring Br Greg to visit Lasallian Schools in Singapore and thank God the opportunity came recently on Easter Monday. Being a staunch supporter of St Patrick's School, I could wait no longer to bring him there besides introducing him to our beautiful and unique Katong area. Yes, we tried Katong Laksa and I mean the original one. But our Original Tau-Kwa Pau stall was closed on Monday and so was Chin Mee Chin coffee shop. Saving the best for the last, we entered St Patrick's School. The best part of St Patrick's was the good will and friendliness of the students. It was nice to see the connections so easily made between the Patricians and our visiting Lasallian Seminarian. Br. Greg then inspired interests in music among the students when he put his hands on the piano.
I thank Patricians for their good will and to Br Greg for his inspiring and passionate Brotherhood.
The Lord has risen, it is true! Live in Him need all we do, Alleluia!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Dear brothers,

Grace, Peace and Joy our Risen Lord Jesus Christ be with you!

Our Annual Vocation Retreat 2009 is about a month away (15th to 17th May 2009) and registration is now open. This is the main Vocation Discernment event for the year and we hope that you will be able to join us. The details of the Retreat is as mentioned in the poster attached. As places are limited, please do register with us as soon as possible so as to avoid disappointment.

You are encouraged to sign up through the priests of your parish but if you have your reasons for preferring not to do so, you may also sign up directly with us by emailing us your details and we will forward you the application form.

Please also help us forward this message to your single, male, Catholic friends aged 18 years old and above who you think may also be interested in exploring the possibilities of a priestly call in their life. Registration closes on 10 May 2009 so we look forward to hearing from you before that.

Thank you very much. We are certainly praying that you will be able to join us and that we will all have a grace-filled time with the Lord together.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

The Lord is Risen!!

After 40 day of fasting, prayer and alms-giving,
the day awaited is here.
They praised, and condemned and crucified
our Lord Jesus, our dear.
But now he is in the tomb no more
suffered and died for us he did.
Death he has conquered, our sin washed clean
by his passion, his selfless feat.
Now resurrected, and at the Father's right
victorious and in majesty he stands.
With us always, to the end of time
watching over us. Amen! Amen!

A Blessed Easter to all !!!