Monday, 14 May 2012

Vocation Discernment Retreat 2012 - Testimony

"I felt the grace, love and his call from this retreat. Thank you to all of you for hosting fellow aspirants and me at the seminary. This 3 days of time I spent with you all and the lord was fantastic. Also I have to thank Br Alphonsus for his help. He had help me to put down my 8 years of burden I have been carrying, I think he was send by the lord  to help me. This 3 days of discerning, made a new me. And I am going to work hard to say yes to the lord. Another most wonderful experience was during the holy hour. He had given me the grace and shown me the path I am walking. I am going to continue the road he has plan for me and glorify his name. But first I have to go through a lot of pruning by him. Thank you brother's for your time. Shalom" 

Aloysius Charles Tan 
Church of Holy Family