Friday, 25 April 2008

How does one explain the joy of giving up everything you worked so hard for? 

How does one explain a positive change in one's life after going through pain and suffering? 

How does one explain the peace within when you know you have been the greatest sinner of all time?

Indeed, life is a MYSTERY! 

Being a newbie in the community, all the engagements in the community sure added spice to my life. I am kinda liking it and also getting use to it. Haha...

In such a short period of time so many things had happened!! Have you been following our blog entries? You gotta!! Com'on!

However, the engagements are just one aspect of change for me. You do not really get to experience all these out there in the world. Who would live together with so many man at one time?! Army aside! Army is a different ball game altogether lo! Here, you literally live like family! 

It is really amazing how gentlemen can be so charitable to each other in such close confines! Galz out there, if you wanna find good gentlemen! Here is the place la!! Haha... But for now, we are all taken!! Why would any man wanna give up such beautiful creation like your good self to live amongst great gentlemen? Mystery!!

My life's perspective has changed slightly and my spiritual life has grown much too! I can imagine in a few more months, I would be a changed person! I am feeling my life moving away from my previous life. In some sense, it is really hard to let go and on many occasions you just do not welcome the change, yet deep within myself, I know the change is necessary, not to mention good. 

There are lots of purification taking place deep within me. In thought, affect and deed. I get into the very depth of my being. It is amazing what you can find! And it all happen so mysteriously. 

What my life is going to be hence forth is truly a mystery! To come this far, is already a mystery. I humanly cannot imagine what more can happen to me. I am both scared and excited; again, a mystery!

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