Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Wowee !!! One week and 3 events!

Three events over a week! Boy! Are we tired!! Anyway, here are come pictures of them for your viewing pleasure.

Games and dinner with our Franciscans brothers
(30th Apr 2008)

Here is Andrew Stephens doing a spike during the volleyball game.

A rare sight! 
The Pocurator and Dean of studies (Rev Fr Kenson) serving the ball... 
and it went in !!

Solemn vespers with our Franciscan brothers.

Group photo with our Franciscan brothers.

Celebrating our Rector's 23rd Sacerdotal Anniversary during dinner. Mmm... I can still taste the chicken curry and the desserts.....


Mariana said...

i had no idea that studying in a seminary can be so much fun! i bet the stream of activities are endless!
hmm.. ive two questions, who are the fransescan brothers? never heard of them, my guess,um.. monks?
um.... what does solemn vespers mean?

Cornelius Vianney said...

Hi Mariana!

Thanks for visiting and commenting on our blog. Life in the seminary has its lighter moments as well as its struggles. I guess we often choose to dwell on the 'darker' side of things and fail to see the other fun and relaxing things we do, like the community games, recreation outings etc. Even what is deemed to be 'not fun' can help me find God. Mundane tasks like grass cutting and floor mopping can be a challenge to me to do it well and lift it up as a sacrifice and prayer to the Lord.

As for your questions, the Franciscans are an order of religious friars set up by St Francis of Assisi. They are staying in the parish of St Mary of the Angels in Bukit Batok and taking care of the parish as well.

As for solemn vespers, it is the evening prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours (Divine Office). The difference in the praying as per normal days is that we use incense and there is a procession into the place of worship. Also, there is a short homily after the scripture reading.

Please continue to visit our blog and we welcome your questions and comments.

Cheerios & God Bless !!!

Mariana said...

Hi Brother!

Thanks for your explaination. oh.. now i get it. I thought they were monks. hmm.. hahaa!! i understand.. Ive done "manual labor" too at school.. hahaa.. the so-called manual labor was more into picking up rubbish and raking the leaves. From the pics i saw in your other blogs, i noticed that you guys were having a blast in the seminary. That's great! Do you seminarians have class at night too?

Cornelius Vianney said...

Ha! Ha! Ha!
Dunno if we are really having a blast... and there are tense times in the seminary as well. Some of the senior brothers just finished with their term tests today. Must be nerve wrecking for them.
All our official classes are in the morning but we do have language classes (like English, Mandarin and Tamil) in the afternoons and evenings as well.
Well, I guess life here has its ups and downs but I think that is what makes life more interesting and colourful. Dun you think so?


Mariana said...

whoa... they just finished their term tests, gosh, was it really hard? tests and exams always scare the life out of me at school, but i had to persevere in order to pursue my dream. yeah, they must be really stressed out. do you have to do many assignments brother? are they usually tough?
hmm.. yup, your absolutely right. Life always have its ups and downs. yeah, it's like a law or something, everybody's life gotta have some critical situations or it just ain't life! hahahaha! weird huh? i have to admit, it does make our lives colourful in some way. hahaha... brother Cornelius, are you a Singaporean?

Cornelius Vianney said...

Well, we Chinese have a saying:"Live till we are old, learn till we grow old."

And yes, I am a Singaporean, with fair share of ups and downs in my life as well.


Mariana said...

oh....ok.. i heard tat singapore is a very clean place.. how cool is taT?
um, brother, thanks for answering my questions.. i appreciate it. Nice to have someone who's willing to explain bout life in the seminary.
you students got learn latin right? coool...... what about Hebrew?

Cornelius Vianney said...

We study Latin in our first year (Initiation year) and will do Hebrew and Greek in the later years.

This is to enable us to read the original text of the church documents and the bible.


Mariana said...

oh really? tats supercool! hmm, but ive never heard priests speaking in these particular languages before.hmmm.. brother, do u like Malaysia?

Cornelius Vianney said...

hope you never do.... cos you will not understand them.... but priest do use some of the words in their sermons. Heard of 'a-ga-pe'which loosely translated means brotherly love?

And yes! I do like Malaysia and it people.