Sunday, 21 December 2008

Pure in Heart

The sixth beatitude is:
“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. (Mt 5:8)

We gauge how pure something is by judging how clear it is. This is especially true for water. When someone mentions pure water, we think of clear clean water, with no cloudiness or particles, even though the water may have something dissolved in it. In the same vein, someone who is “pure in heart” can be considered as one whose heart is clear. As we view the spiritual things more from the heart, someone who is “pure in heart” can see spiritual things clearly. He/She can see God clearly. As Christ says that he is Truth itself (see Jn 14:6), a person who is “pure in heart” is able to see the truth.

This is so important in discernment. Discernment requires us to seek the truth that comes from God. When I am discerning the vocation to the diocesan priesthood, being “pure in heart” is important. By clearing my heart of all impurities, i.e. those things that keep me from seeing God clearly, I will be able to discover his will for me. I would need to purify my heart of love before I enter the process of discernment so that I will not be clouded by doubts, worldy distractions and personal ambitions.

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