Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Called to be a Christian Hero (By Bro Joseph Zhang)

Scripture Reading: Acts 7:54-60 “The Stoning Of Stephen”

There are many heroes and heroines in the world history who worked and even sacrificed their lives for the welfare of their countries and for the welfare of the people. In the Church history, there are also many heroes and heroines who laboured and sacrificed their lives for the kingdom of God. They are the martyrs and the saints.

Stephen, the first martyr, was stoned to death for his belief and for his preaching of the truth. For the sake of God’s kingdom, Stephen faced his accusers’ grinding teeth. He was struck by the stones. However, he did not curse them. Instead he put faith in God and prayed for them that the Lord may not hold this sin against them.

By the water of baptism, we have received God’s grace and mission. We are called to continue to establish, to bring the Kingdom of God to fulfillment. We are called to bear witness for Christ who is the truth. We are also called to sacrifice for the kingdom. Each one of us is called to be a hero. In the process of doing so, we are bound to face oppositions and difficulties. We may not face the gnashing teeth of rage and the flying hard stones but the suffering faces and the constant and the various needs of the people. Our sacrifice for God’s kingdom may not be in the form of shedding blood. But we are called to sacrifice our time, our pleasure and comfort for the people of God.

“A boy doesn’t have to go to war to be a hero; he can say he doesn’t like pie when he sees there isn’t enough to go around.” ------- Edgar Watson Howe

Therefore, let us ask ourselves:
1. Am I aware of the needs and the difficulties of the people that I encounter?
2. Do feel the thirst and hear the cry of the people of God?
3. What is God calling me to do?
4. What have I done for the people of God?
5. What should I do for their physical and spiritual wellbeing?
6. Am I generous and brave enough to use the talents that God has give me to serve his people?

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