Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Open House Report 2010

Last Sunday, the seminary has it first Open House for 2010. We had groups from various churches here to visit our humble abode. This time, about 70-80% of the visitors are teenagers. In the presentation about the seminary, we decided to screen a video to show nature of the priesthood.

In this video, we are told that the priesthood is counter cultural, where men give up their lives to remain celibate and serve the people of God. Bro Jude reiterated this when he said that we have decided to not get married, not have children and not have a family. We will embrace the people of God as our family.

Though not many dare to raise their hands when we asked them if they have any inclination to the priesthood or religious life, we do hope that in some way, we did open their minds to this way of life and in the future, when they are considering their paths in life, dedicating their lives to God in a religious community or at the altar will be one of their choices.

In any case, do look out for our next Open House in October. Remember to register through your parish offices.

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