Friday, 1 August 2008

God's gentle assurance on eagle's wings

It's been months since I've posted on this or my own blog. During which there have been so many things happening: Vocation Retreat, Pastoral attachment to the Missionaries of Charity Gift of Love Home, staying in Holy Spirit Parish and the trip to Sydney for World Youth Day. Many of which I thought of blogging about, but have been putting off.

But there was one incident that happened yesterday, which was for me so simple and yet so powerful. I was walking in the seminary during the evening, on the road going towards the chapel for vespers, praying my rosary. And God blessed me with many "companions" as I walked along. The lizard on the palm tree, the 3 small yellow birds which added their singing to my prayer, the green parrots with their speedy flybys. And I was thinking to myself as I looked up into the sky, all that was missing were the white-bellied sea eagles that glide in the sky, which I was so fond of.

After finishing my rosary and searching the sky for the final time, I walked up the steps to the chapel, when I just felt a prompting to turn around. And I just thought to myself, "Why this urge to turn around?" And there in the sky was an eagle slowly gliding by. I tell you...that feeling I got was one of being loved by a God who knew even that small little desire of mine in my heart that I didn't even ask him for, and he tapped my shoulder, and showed me His love for me in the form of an eagle. I really felt as in the song, that he was raising me up on eagle's wings, and holding me in the palm of his hand.

And I know that if I delay this post any longer, I will never get down to it. So Praise and Glory to our wonderful God, who knows us inside and out, who knows our every desire, and who knows the simplest things that will make our hearts melt. And as we learnt in our Scripture class, that the Gospel of Matthew has the theme of Emmanuel - God with us. I experienced God's loving presence with me on eagle's wings.


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful!

Benny said...

Wah, there's a brahminy kite that live near the seminary?! I think I'll go there more often just to see it :p

First time I saw the eagle was when I went to Langkawi. They were very majestic..

Terence said...

There should be at least two in the punggol area, we see them flying around on some evenings. This is excluding the one that was injured and landed in our seminary. And there are lots of other interesting animals we see in the seminary. One of my favourites is this pair of woodpeckers that will fly pass the classrooms windows in the morning.