Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The Power of God's Calling!!

If anyone of you think that God's calling is only for the priesthood or religious life, think again!!

When we begin to accept the fact that each of us are called by God for a purpose, we begin to operate and live our lives, not only in search of that purpose, but also finding ways to live it, regardless of the life circumstance that we are in!!

Many of us feel that when life sucks, when life is difficult, when we see that there is no meaning, when we are deeply hurt, etc... we find it hard to see the God's calling in all of the mess... truly, I am guilty of it too...

In view of this Olympic season, I came across this video in Godtube! Very inspiring, very touching, very motivating! It only makes me want to continue to be faithful to God and to never give up in fulfilling my God's purpose in life, and to give all glory and honor to Him!

May God Bless You and speak to your heart as you watch this video! Scott Rigsby!

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