Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Whenever we pray, especially in the morning or in times of difficulties, there is more often than not a realization that our day belongs to the Lord, our lives (the good, the bad and the ugly) all belongs to the Lord, and it is in this realization that we turn to the Lord and ask the essential questions, “Lord, what is your will for me?” or “Lord, I dedicate my day, my vocation to you.”

Yet, in order for us to arrive at this realization, what sometimes if not all the time we ought to do is to give thanks to the Lord first and foremost, “Thank you Lord, that I am still alive today.” For whenever we give thanks to the Lord, we acknowledge that whatever we have is first and foremost a gift from Him, in which though we are unworthy and non-deserving, yet the Lord desires to gift us with. Once we are able to acknowledge that all things (even life itself) is a gift from God and give Him thanks for it, we can let go of all that we may have thought is ours and our own doing, and turn over to God’s sovereignty and will. Once we have this metanoia, can we then truly say “Lord, what is your will for me today?

It is only in our nothingness that we then able to acknowledge God’s totalness in us, and through us become co-cornerstones with the Chief Cornerstone Jesus Christ our Lord. A thankful person is a joy-filled person.

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