Thursday, 17 February 2011

One Monthliversary at Church of St Anthony of Padua

Exactly one month ago, I packed my things and set off for a parish in the north of Singapore. It is my fourth year in the seminary. How time flies! The good news is that I will be from formal studies in the seminary. The good news is also that this is the Regency year, where I will be sent to a parish and live the life there. This aids the discernment process. Imagine this. All of us have our preconceived notion of the life of a priest. (The most absurd is that he works on sundays and rests on the other six.... if only...) This is the year where we will taste life in the parish: live in the parish and get involved in the activities. This will allow us to see if this is the life that we want to live for the rest of our days.

I still remember the day arrive, not sure what lies ahead, just assured that the Lord will be with me. And here I am now, one month later, enjoying every day that had past.

It is also 'exciting' to be in a place which has been making the news about the implementation of a dress code for worship. Imagine the buzz that goes on here.... actually there is little.... Surprise!

I am looking forward to the next months in the parish and so, "Adios!" till my next update on my time here.

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