Monday, 3 March 2008

Story of a silly spider

There was a spider in the seminary. It was about as big as my little finger and built its web in the palm tree, held up by its swaying branches. Every day, I would make a point to pass by and visit this new ‘tenant’. A big and sturdy web it did build, at least about 2 feet wide. After a course of a few days, with the strong winds and rain, the web was damaged till it is only about the size of the palm of a child, held up by a few strands of webbings. Every time there would be a breeze, the web would sway and look as though it would collapse any time. Sometimes, I even wonder if the spider still remained on the web or will it be blown away should a strong breeze comes along. I wondered if it were dead but its little movements of the legs convinced me otherwise.

I was thinking to myself, what a fool this spider is. It can build it web among the strong branches of the trees nearby (there were two more big webs with equally big spiders in the forest nearby). Why stay and be subjected to the elements of the weather in the never still branches of the palm tree. I was in fact looking to the day when I would just see the remnants of the web with the new ‘tenant’ gone.

What a surprise I had one day. It has rebuilt a web. A stronger and sturdier web in the same palm tree. It is no longer as shaky as the first web. I was happy for the ‘tenant’.

This caused me to reflect deeply into my own life. God builds a web in my life, though how shaky it is. As the rigors and distractions of everyday matters come along, the web is worn down till all that remain are just a few strands. But God hangs on to us, in the heart of all things, waiting for the calm to come again where he will build another web to hold it all together again. A stronger, sturdier web…. Only if we find time to calm and let him work. This is the Love of Jesus. Never letting go, always hanging on, even though it may look useless and futile. I should always find the calm to let him build his web of love in my life.

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