Friday, 28 March 2008

We give thanks for another priest!

We at Kampung Punggol had the privilege of having another of our brothers coming back to share his joy of being bestowed with the gift of Priesthood with us this week. Its the Octave of Easter and it was a double dose of joy for us to see our brother, the newly ordained Rev Fr Robert Hau Za Mung MSP from the Missionaries of St. Paul community celebrate the Eucharist of Wednesday of the Octave of Easter for us. The Missionaries of St. Paul are a locally founded religious community based in Myanmar for the mission of their local Church. Fr Robert was sent to our Seminary here at Kampung Punggol some 10 years ago and he completed his entire priestly formation here in Singapore. We fondly remember him for his avid love of sports and music and his many years of hidden service behind the organ as our community's organist.

I couldn't help but think of what the Fathers of our seminary must feel whenever they are able to con-celebrate the Eucharist with one of their students who has now been elevated to their ranks in the ministerial priesthood of Jesus Christ. This must be their greatest joy as a Formator as they responded to God's call to live this hidden life in the seminary instead of being out there in the thick of pastoral action in a parish amongst the larger People of God whom they laid down their lives for.

I think it may be hard for those of you who do not live in Kampung Punggol to feel our sentiments when we share about one of our brothers who is ordained and maybe, when a man becomes a priest, it becomes hard to recall how the one who now administers the great mysteries of Christ in the Sacraments used to at one time do all the ordinary, mundane things that we do and so I think maybe, it would be nice to share with you some happy memories of Fr Robert when he was a member of Kampung Punggol some years ago and now as he returns to us as a priest of Jesus Christ. We hope you can share in our Thanksgiving!

Fr Robert when he was a seminarian at one of our Karaoke sessions during recreation time at Kampung Punggol.

One of the favourite past times in Kampung Punggol some time ago. Would you normally imagine your priest playing table soccer? ;)

At our community outing to Redang in 2006

The joy of Formators to finally con-celebrate the Eucharist with their student

The greatest joy of any member of Kampung Punggol - to be able to present Jesus to the world!

The joy of our brotherhood in Christ!

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